Maternity Nurses

Maternity Nurses are professionals specifically qualified and trained for this role. They are highly experienced at caring for new born babies. Their general role is to assist and help the family following a birth. Maternity Nurses help you to establish routines, feed and bath your baby, and generally assist with all other activities that involve the care of your new born. They are usually employed on a 24-hour basis, and they live in the household for the duration of their contract. They can also do just daytime shifts or night shifts in which case the Maternity Nurse may want to live elsewhere. Maternity Nurses are not cleaners or housekeepers and should not be treated as such! Good Maternity Nurses are booked several months in advance so we advise you to start your search early.

Maternity Nurses generally work on a self-employed basis and they tend to do short term placements. A basic hourly rate is established between the Maternity Nurse and the family. Most Maternity Nurses will ask you to pay a deposit in advance. The deposit amount varies from one Maternity Nurse to another, although generally one weeks’ deposit is required. If the placement is cancelled, the Maternity Nurse will keep the deposit.

The hourly rate of the Maternity Nurse varies depending on their experience. Their hourly rate can be in the £15 – £17 per hour range. If they work on a 24 hour shift, they tend to have a flat rate for the full day that can be up to £250.

The right Maternity Nurse will be able to understand your family needs and adapt to them, helping you with the transition during one of the most special times in your life.

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