20 Years

Our Approach

We aim to provide excellent Childcare Services that will help little children to become great people.

We strive to make our booking system as easy as possible for families and hotels, and we endeavour to confirm your booking within a maximum time of 24 hours.

Continuity between Babysitters and families is very important to us. We understand you would like to have the same Babysitter every time. Although sometimes this is not possible to achieve (due to the Babysitter’s availability), our promise to you is that we will try our best to ensure the number of Babysitters is kept to a minimum.

We know emergencies happen in life, and they certainly happen to families. Our commitment is to help you in those difficult times. We have a very high success rate in organising Babysitting bookings at very short notice.

The only thing that gives us more satisfaction than seeing our families happy is to know the children we look after smile when they see our Babysitters arrive at their home.

When it comes to finding permanent childcare for you, we put a very strong emphasis on understanding your family’s situation. We want to know as much as possible about your needs.  This gives us the right background information to find you the perfect Nanny, Mother’s Help or Maternity Nurse.

We want to make your recruitment process as smooth and efficient as possible.  We carefully select our candidates.  We won’t be sending hundreds of candidates for you to interview, rather a cherry-picked group of the best Childcare Specialists we can find.

We want to know about you and your family and we want to have the best co-operative space in order to support you in your day to day childcare needs.

17th December 2018

Are your children jealous of each other?

It is never easy for us – parents, to see our children argue and upset with each other. Rivalry between siblings can stress, frustrate or anger even the calmest of parents. But amidst all the fighting, they can be doing...

29th June 2018

Children’s first aid tips for spring and summer

Finally, the good weather has arrived; our life suddenly becomes more social and luckily, children have a chance to spend a lot of time outdoors running and having fun. Spring and summer present different types of health and safety hazards...

11th May 2018

What type of attachment style does your child show?

Attachment theory is one of the most important theories regarding parenting styles. Your child get his primary needs meet by you, and the way in which these needs are met creates the foundation of your child’s future emotional, social, and...

2nd March 2018

Children and the elderly – the beauty of intergenerational relationships

In a society with little or no value for the elderly, could we be missing something? Could it be that we are depriving our children of a very special connection with the elder generation? Studies have shown how children and...

16th February 2018

Allow your child the gift of feeling bored

Aren’t we all familiar with boredom? That dreadful feeling that can take over any of us, regardless of how young or old we are. Boredom can manifest itself either as a feeling of emptiness, a lack of purpose, anxiety or...

28th November 2017

Employing a Nanny – Are you meeting all the legal requirements?

This is our second blog with the aim to help you to employ a nanny. A lot of parents feel very confused when it comes to the legal aspect of nanny employment. Below you will find all the basics in...

15th November 2017

Employing a Nanny – Run a Successful Nanny Interview!

As a parent about to start searching for a nanny, you might find yourself overwhelmed with many different questions. This post will be the first of a series of three post and aims to help you succeed in this process....

10th November 2017

What does your child’s play say about them?

Play is a fascinating aspect of being a child. We all remember with fondness how playing helped us to discover the world, allowed us to be anything we wanted to be and let us have fun. What we might have...

29th October 2017

Employing a Nanny – Create the best start with your new nanny!

This is the final blog post on employing a nanny. We have previously covered how to interview your nanny and also all the legal requirements you need to know about becoming an employer (if you have missed both blogs follow...

20th October 2017

Childhood Obesity: How to Avoid It

  The government has issued a report that estimates one-third of children in the UK between two to fifteen years old are obese. Children are becoming overweight younger and also taking longer to lose the weight. The truth is, our...

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