FAQ About Nannies

How long does it take to find the perfect Nanny, Mother’s Help or Maternity Nurse?

There is no fixed timescale.  It will depend on your placement requirements. It may simply be a few days or it may take several weeks.  We need to make sure you have the right caregiver for your child or children. Our objective is to place the right person with you above all else.

I have never interviewed a Nanny. How will I know the right questions to ask?

We will help and guide you through every step of the process. We have been placing the right Childcare Specialist with each family since 1997.  As a result we have developed a set of questions for interviewing that will support you when meeting new candidates. We also talk through your needs to make sure you include any additional questions that are relevant to your placement.

Can I book a trial day with my Nanny, Mother’s Help or Maternity Nurse?

We always organise a day for you to spend with your Nanny, Mother’s Help or Maternity Nurse as we know this is the best way to ensure you have the perfect match for your family. We don’t charge an additional fee for this, you you simply pay the Childcarer for the day.

Where do your nannies come from?

Although predominantly European, our Nannies, Mother’s Helps and Maternity Nurses come from all over the world.

Are Nannies first aid trained?

All Nannies have a First Aid certificate or are in the process of completing or renewing their diploma.

What kind of duties will my Nanny perform?

Nannies take care of everything related to your child, including cooking, cleaning their room and preparing meals. Some nannies are also happy to do some light housework, for example emptying the dishwasher or hanging out the laundry, but generally their duties relate solely to the care of your child. We advise you to specify and agree with your Nanny all of the duties you require, and have them put on the contract before your Nanny starts working.

Do you provide Nanny shares?

If you have found a family you would like to share a Nanny with, we will be happy to help you find the perfect candidates!

What are the minimum amount of hours required for a placement with Dreams Nannies?

We require a minimum of two full days (8-9 hours) per placement. Please note that we do not place after-school Nannies.

What is a DBS Certificate? Does my nanny need one?

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) enables employers to check the criminal records of employees and potential employees, in order to ascertain whether they are suitable to work with vulnerable adults and children.

It is not compulsory for Nannies to have a DBS, but we strongly recommend that this check takes place.  We can arrange to have it carried out for you.

FAQ about Hiring a Nanny

What do I have to do when I become an employer?

When employing a Nanny or Mother’s Help you will have the same duties as any other employer. We will put you in contact with the agencies we work very closely with and they can advise you about every aspect of employment. This includes; payslips, NI contribution and taxes. We also recommend that you take out employers insurance.

As an employer, do I need any insurance?

Yes, you do need to have employer’s liability insurance.

What is the difference between a nanny and a mother’s help?

Mother’s Helps are starting their career in childcare and do not have enough experience to work with children on their own. They gain experience working alongside the mother. Nannies are professional child caregivers who have the necessary skills to work with children on a sole charge basis.

What is Ofsted registration?

For Nannies, registering with Ofsted is voluntary not compulsory. In order to register they need to have a first aid qualification, process a DBS, be insured and be able to prove they can look after children professionally. Since registration is voluntary there are a great number of Nannies that are not registered. Having your Nanny registered with Ofsted can be a great asset as you may be entitled to childcare vouchers (please check your entitlement with your own employer). Families are generally happy to cover the cost of their Nanny registering with Ofsted as it can help them to save money in the long term.

Do I need to sign a contract?

When taking a Nanny or Maternity Nurse on board you will become an employer. It is UK law to produce a contract for your employee within 8 weeks of commencing employment, although it is best to sign it before your Nanny starts working. We strongly recommend that duties, salary, holiday and so on are specified in your contract. The contract is signed between yourself and the Nanny. Dream Nannies will require you to sign a contract with your employee as soon as possible in order to be protected by our Terms and Conditions.

Can I use childcare vouchers to pay my Nanny?

If you have access to childcare vouchers you will be able to use them as long as your Nanny is Ofsted registered.

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