Nannies, Mother's help & Maternity Nurses

Nannies, Mother’s helps and babysitters all have different roles, to help you decide which one you need we have described them for you here.

Supporting you every step of the way to find your perfect Nanny, Mother's Help or Maternity Nurse
Supporting you every step of the way to find your perfect Nanny, Mother's Help or Maternity Nurse

  • Nannies: Nannies are professional childcarers who have extensive childcare experience and/or childcare qualifications. They take care of all nursery duties and offer a package of care that includes; planning educational and creative activities, looking after your child’s dietary requirements, managing playgroups, tidying up your child’s room and above all ensuring that your child or children grow up in a safe and loving environment. A professional nanny can work alongside the family and on a sole charge basis. Nannies can work on a live in or live out basis, either full time or part time.
  • Mother’s help: Mother’s helps do not work on a sole charge basis. They work alongside the mother and in this way they gain further childcare experience. They are not as experienced as a professional nanny and do not generally have childcare qualifications. A mother’s help will also carry out some light house work. As with a nanny, a mother’s help can be live in or live out and work full time or part time.
  • Maternity Nurses: Maternity nurses are professional nurses or nannies who are trained or highly experienced at caring for newborn babies. Their general role is to assist and help the family following a birth. Maternity nurses help you to establish routines, feed and bath your baby, and generally assist with all other activities that involve the care of your baby. Maternity Nurses are usually employed on a 24-hour basis, and they live in the household for the duration of their contract. They can also do just daytime shifts or night shifts in which case the nurse might want to live elsewhere. Maternity nurses are not cleaners or housekeepers and should not be treated as such! Good maternity nurses are booked several months in advance so we advise you to start your search early.

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